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  • Typography:  Typography is one of those skills within graphic design that has not degraded even in the digital age. People react positively or negatively to fonts depending on how well they match with the content and images on the site and or branding.
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    Here are 5 reasons why learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite is so important:

  • Visual Ideation/Creativity: Graphic designers do so much more than color correction and adding filters, most of the time the graphic designer will draft up original sketches and make it reality. Have no fear you do not need drawing skills to be a great graphic designer, Photoshop helps you be successful with little to no drawing skills.
  • When an employee can visually depict an idea, it helps the user connect to the brand and are more likely to interact with the company on its website or social media. We as consumers love visuals and a 60 second takeaway.

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    2. Color Theory: Color is so important to any design project because it helps the viewer connect and feel engaged with the project.  Color theories create a logical structure for color. For example, if we have an assortment of fruits and vegetables, we can organize them by color and place them on a circle that shows the colors in relation to each other. Matching colors to certain regions of the world is just as important (e.g. red is the color of good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China and the 2nd most popular color in the USA).
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      ThinkTank Learning is hosting a Photoshop class to help you hone your graphic design skills.
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      • Layout Design and Conversion: When graphic designing a layout, keeping things eye appealing and clean are very important. Any good layout should present a clear path for the consumer to consume information without being cluttered. Most consumers will eye gaze in a circular motion so all of the popular information should be orderly and clean.
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      • Design Software is Always Changing: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are the top 3 applications used for graphic design and are always changing based on trends and new tools that are being released via the Adobe Cloud. These are 2 websites that will help you hone your graphic design skills and be ahead of the curve. Here is a list of 15 Youtube channels to watch for all the Adobe Creative Suite tools and trends Then there is which is a paid service after you finish the free 10 day trial. This is an industry standard for videos on all things graphic design and beyond

      • Learning the Adobe Creative Suite and applying graphic design skills can be instrumental in bumping up your resume and college application. This is because you are not only using your analytical part of your brain but you are also using the visual spatial part of your brain.  Employers look for their employees to be well-rounded and creative.  

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